Unexplained Infertility: Diagnosis and Treatment

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You must have heard couples or individuals suffering from infertility and they had their reasons. But also there are cases when infertility is unexplained, the cause for infertility is not known and there are no options for any further treatments. Above many tests available for diagnosis of infertility and its causes, there are major cases of unexplained infertility.

According to doctors infertility is common among men and women and is generally occurring in older couples these days. There are chances that infertility is caused due to fertility issues in both men and women or both may be having some serious medication as well as other treatments running, the causes of fertility are still unexplained in major cases.

When couples face complications in conceiving or pregnancy, they find options for treatment and often lead to unfound results. The doctors do not find any reason, this type of infertility is called idiopathic infertility. There are several tests and procedures that eliminates all common causes of infertility in men and women and for investigating the pelvic capacity of the woman, still nowadays there are more chances of unexplained infertility. The occurrence of this condition is majorly in married couples and couples of age 40 years and above and according to experts age is one of the factor for infertility. Through the standard tests, some of the obvious causes of infertility that are diagnosed include low or abnormal sperm count, blocked fallopian tube and ovulation problems. However, there are no tests done for finding molecular problems.

Diagnosis for unexplained infertility

It’s quite surprising that the unexplained fertility cases cannot be explained and there are no physical and medical condition defined for this kind of fertility which can show why couples are unable to conceive. The couples who are infertile need to know why the infertility occurs and what can be done for treatment. For any possible treatment it is necessary to first diagnose it. Not every case of infertility is unexplained for example there are situations where infertility is examined and routine treatments as well as checkups are carried out for better functioning.

Unexplained infertility diagnosis is not easy to establish. Fertility doctors will diagnose your infertility as unexplained only after performing a series of checks on both the concerned partners. Doctors reach this conclusion only if they believe that a cause for infertility cannot be established after analyzing all the test results. The reasons for the unexplained infertility may be stress, environmental toxins or alchohol, drug, over exercise or much more. While these factors aren’t necessarily the cause of the diagnosis, limiting them can actually help you in conceiving.

Possible treatment options for unexplained infertility

Infertility is a major issue and it can be diagnosed and treated but there are several causes that and reasons behind the condition. Abnormalities in the fallopian tube, abnormal eggs in women, sperm’s inability to penetrate eggs in men, endometrium problems and abnormal eggs may be some of the reasons behind the infertility condition among men and women. But once the reason is diagnosed there are various treatment options available. IVF specialists believe that if the person is diagnosed with infertility and no medical or physical causes are proved be the reason behind it, it is not a matter of stress as you can always get pregnant with unexplained infertility. The chances of women to conceive lowers with time period, the older the woman the less are her chances of getting pregnant, but if the causes are unknown you can still try to conceive with your partner. There are chances that you may get pregnant within three months and you will always have the probability of giving birth to a healthy child.

But after a certain time period you must consider infertility treatment options that ovarian stimulation through fertility drugs, injectable gonadotropins and clomid plus insemination. One of the most preferred and easy option is In vitro fertilization that can help treating infertility and making you conceive normally. So, donot lose hope as you can always try and make a healthy child.