Can You Use Fertility Drugs? Yes, According to Evidence till Today

By WebDesk

06 Mar 2018

Can You Use Fertility Drugs? Yes, According to Evidence till Today

Fertility drugs also called as fertility medication are the drugs that enhance and upgrades reproductive fertility. They are used to stimulate follicle development of the ovary in case of women.

There are various discussions on the uses of fertility drugs, they should be used or not, will they harm a women’s fertility if used etc. The answer to all this is yes fertility drugs can be used according to the evidences and researches.

Fertility drugs and safety

So, the most important question is, are fertility drugs safe? Yes according to history and research fertility drugs are safer and actually helpful. You can use these drugs unless you sense some kind of complication, the major one is OHSS. OHSS stands for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome which is a medical condition that can occur with some women who depend on drugs for ovulation. It causes ovaries enlargement, weight gain and fluid retention. OHSS is very uncommon, very rarely the condition is sever and can lead to serious illness and death. Researches prove that it happens only with 0.03% of cycles.

There is an actual increase in identifying high risk patients of OHSS and treating them well conventionally increasing their condition. According to Washington Post Analysis about 1000 women per year suffering from OHSS gets medication and other help reducing chances of less ovulation.

Fertility drugs and ovulation-

Fertility drugs can be used by women for ovarian stimulation. One of the most used fertility drug called Leuprolide helps in the process. Ovarian stimulation is the process which involves multiplicity of eggs in the ovary increasing the chances of pregnancy. Fertility drugs can be used by a woman who has infrequent ovulation or no ovulation, even when the ovulation is normal but there are obstacles in pregnancy women can use fertility drugs to produce more than one egg at a time. Some of the drugs involved in healthy ovulation are lomiphene, letrozole or  gonadotropins .

Fertility drugs as a part of IVF-

Since IVF involves monitoring and stimulating women’s ovaries, fertility drugs actually are a part of IVF. It involves obtaining more eggs for fertilization to create embryo, to freeze eggs and be an egg donor. The process involves ovarian stimulations where multiple eggs are produced at a time and the eggs are ideal for IVF.

Regimens of fertility drugs-

A huge team of researches and professional society for fertility specialists have developed standardized dose of fertility regimens for women to improve their health status, however each regimen is separate for different women according to their health, usage of medicines and body type.

Fertility specialist Geeta Nargund has asked the U.S. Parliament to grand permission to track their requirements of drugs and dosage given IVF so that they can be updated about linking IVF treatment logs into hospitals and provide better reactions. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) in the United States is now tracking drug doses so some better information on this complication will become available in the next few years.

Researchers also question that beyond the least occurrence of OHSS is it safe to take infertility drugs or whether these can lead to depression, heart diseases, endocrine system disorders and other health related issues. Since there are no written or explained facts about misuse of infertility drugs, doctors find safe to use them and recommend to the ones facing ovulation problems.

There are various researches and studies that suggest that there’s no harm in using fertility drugs. Yes infertility treatment is challenging and difficult but it can be done successfully with least chances of failure.